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For nostalgia sake, here's the rest of the original RoboDJ website. Back in 1999 I began writing the ultimate
 software, until I realized that there were better programmers out there.  But I'm still proud of what I did. 

--david kaye

Create Automatic Music Playlists for Your Internet Radio Station,
On-Air Broadcast Station, Store or Food & Beverage Venue


User Manual

What Is RoboDJ?

RoboDJ is the ultimate music player program.  It can be used for Internet audio streaming and on-air radio stations as well as in the retail and food & beverage industries (see Storecasting).  RoboDJ was created by a radio DJ/program director with extensive background in music and in retailing.  RoboDJ was originally created in 1999 and has been revised twice, using dozens of suggestions from beta sites. 

Because RoboDJ is designed both for radio broadcasting/Internet streaming, as well as retail and food & beverage in-store background music playback, this website will refer to both uses interchangeably, so just assume that if we make a reference to storecasting, it also applies to use for Internet streaming and radio broadcasting.

RoboDJ Broadcasting

You can use RoboDJ to stream audio from your computer to the Internet, or use it with a conventional radio broadcasting station.  RoboDJ plays various music rotations you set up, based on time of day and day of week. What's more, RoboDJ has an extensive timed audio scheduler which is independent of music rotation so that you can insert commercials (advertisements), as well as station IDs as required for conventional radio stations.  RoboDJ keeps a log of the exact time of play of each program element, which can be downloaded as a CSV (comma-separated variables) file.  These log files are suitable for FCC regulations as well as for royalty tribunals.  The CSV format can be used in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs. 

What's more, you can play DJ manually for as few or as many songs as you wish, and then let RoboDJ automatically take over whenever you wish.  You can find any song in your collection by searching for title, artist, composer, genre, year, etc.  RoboDJ also allows you to save playlists to play again at another time.  So, if you like a particular segue of songs, you can save it to run again later. 

RoboDJ Storecasting

What is a storecast?  It's a music service set up specifically for commercial venues such as stores, restaurants, bars, etc., featuring content specific to the kind of establishment. 

A storecast is usually designed to fit the mood of the establishment with different kinds of programming for different times of day and days of the week. 

Additionally, a storecast will often have advertisements or reminders specific to the kind of business.  An example of a storecast is the Safeway Satellite Network which provides music to Safeway stores along with promotional announcements about products on sale at Safeway stores.  RoboDJ is storecast software tailored to the smaller business, without the need for expensive satellite subscription services. 

Custom-fitted music and advertising presentation with storecasting can boost sales an average of 15%, so even for a small restaurant averaging $50,000 in sales per month, that means you can get a $7,500 monthly increase in sales - and you didn't have to do anything - no extra staffing, no special sales, just an audio atmosphere tailored to your business!  What's more, it doesn't take more than 10 minutes to set it up!

Why Not Use An iPod?

Three reasons:  First, 80% of most people's music is clunkers, songs they don't particularly like, but were part of albums and were all ripped together onto the player.  So, if you use shuffle-play (random play), you're going to hear a lot of annoying clunkers.  Second, if you build playlists, they get boring quickly.  You have to keep building playlists in order to stay fresh.  Third, if you want to play announcements to your customers, such as calling their attention to special sales, happy hour, closing time, etc., with an iPod or MP3 player, you have to do it manually, and it's a pain. 

Benefits of RoboDJ

Take your existing collection of MP3 songs, Windows WMA songs, and Apple iTunes M4A tunes, and play them without any fuss!  You don't have to fiddle with anything.  You can customize your play lists to time of day and day of week, with just 5 to 10 minutes programming time!

But you don't even have to do that much!  Even if you don't do anything but install and start the program, RoboDJ will take your existing collection of songs, sort through it, figure out what's what, and automatically build a popular play list of high quality music from your collection!  Just make sure to load every possible music file you can find (and don't forget your staff's favorites!) onto your computer, start RoboDJ and let it set itself up automatically!

RoboDJ is unique.  There is nothing else like it on the market!  Here is what you get when you buy RoboDJ:

  • Permanent, but ever-changing playlists (known as Formats) can be set up in 10 minutes

  • Music formats can be automatically changed by a Schedule for time of day and day of week...for instance:

    • Top hit music for daytime

    • Mellow music for cocktail hour

    • Dance music for nights

    • Country music for Saturday afternoons, etc.

  • You use your existing MP3s, Windows WMAs, and Apple iTunes M4A music files!

  • Insert special audio announcements using Timed Play about your business, such as "happy hour", special sales, last call, holiday closure, etc., into your music stream as few or as many times as you want.

  • Sample professionally recorded announcements you can use royalty-free are included!

  • Saves you time because playlists freshen themselves automatically, just program it once!

  • Save you aggravation because RoboDJ weeds out the "clunkers" from your song collection

  • Created by an experienced radio station music director and restaurant/nightclub owner

  • Fully updated Help Files are available online


Use Any Old Windows Computer:  RoboDJ runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).  It has not yet been tested on Windows 8.  RoboDJ uses very little system resources, except when scanning for songs when you first install it, so an old Pentium 3 with 500 MB of RAM is perfectly acceptable for RoboDJ.  You should be able to use the old computer sitting in the corner that's too slow to run your Office and bookkeeping software.  It'll work just fine with RoboDJ. 

Internet Connection: You should have a working Internet connection in order to access the RoboDJ Operating Manual, database and program updates, and the commerce links for purchasing additional music. 

Windows XP Users - iTunes:   The M4A (MPEG-4, or Apple iTunes) codec may or may not be installed on your XP machine. If you're in doubt whether you have the codec installed, you can download and run a free M4A codec from K-Lite here or install an iTunes-compliant player such as iTunes. 

Buy RoboDJ

Here's what you get in your RoboDJ Package:

  • RoboDJ Program

  • 3 Professionally recorded announcements for Food & Beverage (happy hour, last call, bar closing)

  • 4 Professionally recorded announcements for Retail Establishments (holiday open, holiday closed, closing store, special sale)

  • Free periodic updates of RoboDJ version 2

Company Profile

RoboDJ, based in San Francisco, is the brainchild of David Kaye, whose experience includes 6 years in the hospitality (food & beverage) industry, 10 years in radio and TV broadcasting, and over 7 years as a software developer (banking and mission-critical medical for human organ transplant clinics worldwide).  RoboDJ resulted from the combination of these 3 disciplines.  RoboDJ is a unique program because it is designed to be bullet-proof in operation, but also extremely friendly to the user.  It is clearly not designed for computer geeks, but for the average user who has no time to fuss with annoying useless "features" that make the programmer look good, but do nothing for the ultimate user.  RoboDJ support is available via the help pages here and by email. 

Support Information

Electronic mail
General Information: CompanyEmail
Sales, and Customer Support: CompanyWebmaster


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