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Overview of Formats

A format is a group of types of songs which play in a specific order.  A format can consist of many kinds of music or just a few.  When the last song in the format plays, the format is reset to the beginning. 

Here's an example of the Juke Joint Classics format.  Notice that it consists of music in several genres, such as blues, R&B, and jazz.  Also note that specific decades have been chosen.  RoboDJ will select songs that meet the criteria.  Also notice that the user is about to add songs from the genre "Jazz Vocal", but also notice that there's a warning in red stating that "14 songs match the criteria".  This is a warning that there aren't many songs that meet this criteria.  You can still choose this criteria, but the songs in the group may repeat more often than desired. 

RoboDJ repeats songs no sooner than the interval set on the Play Rotation section of the Setup tab unless it runs out of songs to play in a particular criteria.  If it runs out, RoboDJ will reset and may repeat the songs more often than desired.

To Create A New Format

Create New Format shows a dialog box where you enter a name for your new format.  You then select the criteria for each song in the format by selecting criteria from the drop-down boxes.  You can choose the Class (such as "1960s 1-30 Hits" (which are hit songs from the 1960s that were in the top 30 in radio play and record sales), the Chart Rank (Not Ranked, 1-10, 1-20, 1-30, etc.), the Genre (in this case Jazz Vocal was selected), the Year or the Decade, the Artist, Composer, or a specific Album.  This allows for an extreme amount of flexibility.

Matching Songs are shown in the list box on the right.  Note that only 14 songs are listed, so this criteria probably isn't very good.  Also notice the duplicate names.  This is because the particular computer running this copy of RoboDJ has an almost identical copy of the song collection on a second hard drive.  RoboDJ scans all drives to add songs to its database.  However, only one copy of a song will play within the constraints of the Play Rotation setting. 

Add To Format - When you're satisfied with the song criteria you chose, click Add to Format in order to save this criteria within the format.  When you click the button, you'll see the criteria appear in the Format Builder listbox at the left.  If you made a mistake, you can move to the Format Builder box and double-click the entry to remove it. 

Reset Format - You may opt to reset the format at the top of each hour.  If you don't select this option, RoboDJ will reset the format to the beginning when the last song has played.  In the example shown, this means the format will be reset after the 10th song has played.  There's really no good reason to reset the format at the top of the hour unless, for instance, you wish to play a particular kind of song such as a featured artist at the beginning of each hour.  An example might be if your venue is featuring a particular performer live and in-person and you wish to promote them. 

Save Format - This is important.  When you're finished establishing criteria for all songs in the format you must save your work!  To delete a format, select it from the drop-down combobox and then click "Delete Format" to remove it. 


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