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Current Format Graphing

As shown here, when you click on the Graphs tab, RoboDJ automatically presents a graph of the number of played (red graph) and unplayed songs (green graph) for each kind of music chosen in the currently running format.  Note that the style of music called "Jazz 1910" of about 24 songs is nearly played out.  When it has played all songs, RoboDJ will clear the Played flag, re-randomize the play and begin playing those songs again. 

Note the case of the R&B 1940 music style.  There are fewer than 3 songs in this style, so the songs will be reset and will replay often.  It is best to eliminate this kind of situation by paying attention to the number of songs available when setting up the Format on the Format tab. 


Selected Format Graphing

In the next example, a particular format, World Music Cavalcade, was selected.  See again that it was poorly put together because there are very few Cajun/Zydeco or Reggae songs.  This will result it too many repeats.

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