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Lists Selection

RoboDJ makes a lot of lists available.  Also, these lists can be exported to a .csv (comma-separated values) file for import into Excel or another program.  The default list shows songs played in the past 24 hours.  Here is the list of lists available:

  • Songs Played in Past 24 Hours
  • All Songs Played over entire life of the RoboDJ database
  • Show Repeat Artists of Past 3 Hours - This is for Internet licensing restrictions which require that a given artist be played no more than 3 times in any 3-hour time period
  • Statistics - Counts, Dates, Names, Places - Everything about RoboDJ's database.  Note that multiple copies of songs are only counted once.
  • Error List Only Show All Events Including Errors - Shows when RoboDJ started, scanned, and stopped, when the Mute button was used, when various operating parameters were changed, and which songs were excluded from play.
  • Count of Genres in Database Sorted by Count
  • Count of Genres in Database Sorted by Genre
  • Count of Class in Database Sorted by Count - Class is a style that is not a genre.  The classes used in RoboDJ include include Top 30 hits by decade, Hits 31-100 by decade, "Album Cuts", which are songs by hit-maker artists that are not charted, and holiday music (holiday music can be of any genre).
  • Count of Class in Database Sorted by Class
  • Count of Artist in Database Sorted by Count
  • Count of Artist in Database Sorted by Artist
  • Top 40 Songs Played - This will not mean anything until you have used RoboDJ for a month or more.  It lists the count of the most-played songs.
  • Skipped Songs (will replay later) - If you have clicked the Skip Play button, the song is immediately skipped, but it is not excluded from the playlist for future plays. 
  • Excluded Songs won't replay unless played manually or reset) - This is the list of excluded songs selected by the Exclude from All Play button.  These songs will never play again unless they are manually reset. 
  • Unreadable Song Files (RoboDJ could not interpret files) - Some songs simply are unreadable because the download was incomplete or faulty, or the song file was corrupted at some point.  These songs were excluded from the RoboDJ database when scanning was done or when a later attempt was made to play them.

Save As Playlist

This is a special function that allows you to save a particularly good list that has previously played so that you can play the entire playlist again whenever you want.  In the example, a short list of songs has played and the user has selected 5 of them to save in a playlist.  After selecting the songs, click on Save As Playlist and name the playlist.  (The default is the date and time the playlist was created.)


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