Create Automatic Music Playlists for Your Internet Radio Station,
On-Air Broadcast Station, Store or Food & Beverage Venue

1 Manual Play


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Search for Songs

You can be a DJ by selecting songs manually and adding them to the playlist.  This is good for special events.  To select songs manually, enter the Artist, Title, Album, Composer, or Genre into the Search box and click on Search.  Notice from the example that the search for "Beatles" turns up both songs performed by the Beatles and Beatles songs performed by the Boston Pops. 

Match a Property

You can also select a list of songs by matching a property of the song currently playing, such as the Jazz genre, the year 1954, the artist Lightnin' Slim, the class, "Other" in this case, in order to create a uniform sound. 

Select A Saved Playlist

If you saved a previous playlist and named it, you can add the songs contained on that playlist. 


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