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Viewing the Schedule

The schedule shows which Formats run at which times throughout the week.  RoboDJ is a week-based system because retail businesses are usually week-based. For example, a restaurant may have the following schedule:

  • Breakfast - Top 30 Hits
  • Lunch - Top 100 Hits
  • Happy Hour Monday to Friday - Jazz
  • Happy Hour Saturday - Country Music
  • Evening - Dance Music
  • Sunday Evening - Country Music

In the example shown below, the current time is Tuesday, 6:20pm.  The schedule is divided into half-hour segments (this can be changed to 15 minute or hour segments on the Setup tab).  The yellow blocks show the time segment, the day, and the intersection at the current Format, which is the default "> All Hit Music" format. 

Setting By Button

To set a broad schedule, it's easy to do this: 

  • Click on the Day(s) of the week you wish (Monday through Friday are shown here)
  • Click the Starting Time drop-down to set the starting time
  • Click the name of the format ("> All Hit Music" is shown here)
  • Click Save Schedule

Setting by Combo-Box

To set a narrower schedule it may be easier to use the combo-box drop-down, as shown in the Monday, 9:30pm example.

  • Move curser to the desired day and time
  • Click within the cell to show the drop-down
  • Select the Format you wish to run
  • Click elsewhere on the grid to save the setting

No Ending Times

When you set a Schedule, you only set the beginning time.  RoboDJ will continue running the Format on until the Schedule shows another Format.  The default format runs beginning at midnight unless another format has been set.  The "> All Hit Music" Format is set as the default Format automatically when RoboDJ is installed.  To use another Format as the default, click the Set Default Format drop-down to select a Format.  

Format Change

When the Format changes (at the top of the minute on the day and time chosen), RoboDJ automatically clears the current playlist and immediately adds songs from the new format.  The current song is never interrupted, of course.  A notation is made in the system log to show that the Format has been changed.


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