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Overview of Timed Play

Timed Play is something you may or may not ever use.  Instead of playing songs or other audio files semi-randomly based on a format, the Timed Play option plays specific songs at specific times.  This is useful for retail stores, clubs, restaurants, and bars.  Here are some examples where you can use Timed Play to your advantage:

  • Announce a special sale every 15 minutes throughout the day, every day
  • Promote a happy hour that starts Monday through Friday at 5:00pm
  • Announce "last call" for alcohol at 1:30am nightly
  • Play a song throughout the week by the band that will be appearing in your club on Sunday night
  • Announce a special presentation such as a DJ or a live show scheduled for Sunday, which you may wish to promote once an hour on Friday and Saturdays. 

Adding A File to Play

First, Search for the music or audio file you wish to use.  The file must be in the MP3, WMA, or iTunes M4A audio formats.  The Search function searches on the filename only, not on tags within the file. 

In this example, Happy Hour and Last Call (2 of the 8 announcement files provided with RoboDJ) have been set.  Note that Happy Hour is always set for 5:30pm 7 days a week, but the Last Call is set to 1:30am on weekends and 11:30pm on weekdays when the bar closes early.

How To Set Timed Play

  • Click the buttons for days of the week
  • Enter the title of the file in the Enter Title To Match text box
  • Click the Search button to find the file
  • Click within the text box to select the file (in case there are several matching titles).  The File Information box will show the tags for the audio file you selected.
  • Select the Starting Time by clicking or entering the time (the left and right keyboard arrows move among fields)
  • Enter the Repeat Interval (default is once-only).  You can set a repeat interval as short as every 5 minutes for situations where you have very quick turnover of customers (such as fast-food, etc.)
  • Click Select File to prepare the details to be saved in the database.  The parameters of the file and the schedule will show in the Play Schedule to be Saved window
  • IMPORTANT: Click Save to Schedule to save the schedule you just produced.  If you do not click this button, your schedule will not be saved.

Your schedule will show in the schedule window by order of day of the week and time of day.  Once the file has been played, the time it played will also be displayed. 

In this example the Play Schedule to be Saved shows the status so far of the schedule intended to be saved.  The saved schedule shows in the window, along with the date and time Last Played if the audio file has been played. 

Barge-In Play

This is a very special function that plays the audio file immediately when the RoboDJ clock hits the top of the minute of the scheduled time.  This is useful when you need the file to play immediately.  This is the only time a schedule will override play.  The currently-playing song will immediately stop.  This function is not recommended for normal RoboDJ use.

Test Play

Once you have selected an audio file by clicking on the filename in the Select Audio window, you can click on Test Play to see if this is your intended audio file.  The button will pop out again at the end of the file or you can click it again to stop play.


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